Kind to People and Place

The peacock on our logo is a symbol of kindness, beauty and patience.

Crafting Together gift pouches are inspired by Turkey Red textile designs; dyed and printed in the West of Scotland for over 200 years.

The legacy of poor work practises in the textile industry, then and now, challenges us to seek ways of working that are kind to people and place.

It is important to us that we know the Makers who contribute to Crafting Together jewellery - in Scotland, Uganda and Ghana.   

In 2018 Crafting Together worked together with Kilpatrick School in Clydebank to participate in the Follow The Thread exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow.

Watch the film Crafting a New Turkey Red, kindly made for us by Turkey Red Media, Alexandria.

The site of the Turkey Red dye and print works in Alexandria, Vale of Leven, Scotland.